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I try to print elements of this table:

local big =
  { foo = { "sub1_foo","sub2_foo"  },
    bar = { "sub1_bar", "sub2_bar" }

I'd like to get elements in this format:

So, i've thought it was a nice day to write a closure.

But the closure always returns the same thing ("bar" with it first element).

I know i have the same problem with tables without embedded tables, but on those tables, you probably told me to use «for i,v in pairs(t)…». That's why i've made made it more difficult.
And i like to solve it with a closure.

Please, have a look:

#!/usr/bin/env lua

local big =
  { foo = { "sub1_foo","sub2_foo"  },
    bar = { "sub1_bar", "sub2_bar" }

function iter (t)
     return function()
        for k,v in pairs(t) do
           for sk,sv in  pairs(v) do
              print (k .. " -> " .. sv)
              return k,sv

fx() -- «bar -> sub1_bar»
fx() -- «bar -> sub1_bar» (again)
-- i didn't use «for i,v in iter(big)» because of infinite loop

#end of Lua sample

Thank you.