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On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 10:14 PM, Vladimir Fedin <> wrote:
> Tried  LuaInterface  from  the  link above, but  it  uses  luanet.dll,
> which is built from code, that utilizes windows.h.

Beyond 1.5, LuaInterface moved onto a fully 'managed' solution, which
won't work because gcc cannot generate CLR bytecode. (Managed-language
people don't like native components)

For Lua for Windows, 1.5 worked fine, precisely because it can be
started using vanilla Lua and then uses COM to start the CLR runtime.

The sensible approach is to reorganize the code so that it's a plain
C# program that uses P/Invoke to pull in the Lua libraries from a
shared library/DLL built with a regular C compiler.  That will
probably be portable to Mono.

Also would have to some back-porting to get the shiny new features
from LuaInterface 2.0 (like generics)

I could do this job, but I have too many other things in my queue at
the moment. (Unless Alexander makes me an offer that I cannot refuse

steve d.