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In LuaJIT there is no penalty for using zero-based indexing, it's even
recommended but the problem is that the Lua tables (non-FFI) are not
by default zero-based.  For example:
foo = { 0, 1, 2, 3 }

You will get a one-based array.  Understandable to be compatible with
regular Lua code but annoying if you have no need for that. It's very
confusing for end users when you're using LuaJIT as a scripting
language and using FFI.  In fact it's confusing for me too, I can't
count how many times I use the wrong index.  Forcing the FFI types to
use one-based indexing doesn't work either when that data needs to go
to a native API (eg. OpenGL vertex data or something;  it can be faked
but you take a serious performance hit).  Off the top of my head I
can't think of any other of the API functions that are one-based by
default but those would need to be patched as well if there are any.

Anybody have a patch to "fix" this?  I suppose something to make the
FFI arrays one-based would work just as well.  I would just like it to
be consistent across the board, whatever scheme. Compile option for
LuaJIT would be awesome, maybe it's already there.