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I'm trying to learn more about the requirements of yield/resume and found this ( ) email which states

	Yes, L is in an invalid state, because it yielded. While it is suspended,
	you cannot change its stack. More specifically, the thread "thinks"
	it is running a Lua function (because it was inside a Lua function when
	it yielded), so it is not ready to accept API operations.

I have the following script which is evaluated in its own thread and the yield* functions will yield for an unspecified amount of time

  function foo()
    for i = 1, 3 do
      yield1("test", i)

  function bar()
    t = { "test", "hello" }

While the script is yielded inside of yield3, can function foo or bar be called? And the same would follow for yield1 or yield2? If I can't enter L while it's yielded would it work if I made a new thread each time?