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at the moment I am attempting to implement a lua_Reader and I'm
wondering whether best practices beyond the rather terse documentation
in the manual exist?

Basically what I'm stumbling over is the fact that the callback can be
called x many times, so I need to keep state. I presume that's what the
second parameter (void* data) is good for?

My callback offers the complete buffer in the first read, simply because
it's already in memory and I'm merely telling Lua where to find it. So I
figure the first time around I return the pointer and the size of the
buffer and the second time around I return NULL and the corresponding size.

But it seems to me that it's not wise to keep the state in a static
variable, so I was thinking of tying it to my lua_State as C user data.
Is that the way to go or are there more appropriate methods?


// Oliver

PS: if you have any sources for more information or even sample
implementation you can point to, I'd appreciate if you could include those.