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I'm a commiter on the LDT project. The project is very active as you can see on the forum[1] and the bug tracker[2]
We plan to deliver the 0.8 version at the end of the month. (we are now integrated to the Eclipse Juno release train)

About the auto-completion support, we have some Lua code based on Metalua which could probably be reused.
You can find it in our git repository[3] (mirrored on Github[4] too), the Lua files you could reuse are in librairies/ (modelsbuilder/ contains the code which builds a kind of AST we use for our user assistance)

Some documentation about that is available in our wiki[5], in "Technical discussions" and "Technical documentation". We will probably commit some unit tests which could help to understand better too.
The project is young and we plan to enhance our auto-completion support, so this code will probably change. 
We hope this help, but even if you finally don't chose to reuse our code, it could be a good thing if you adopt our documentation language (which is a key part of our auto-completion support)

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to post it on our forum[1] and/or discuss there your requirements further.



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De : [] De la part de Jaco van der Merwe
Envoyé : vendredi 8 juin 2012 10:55
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Objet : Status of Koneki LDT and usability of auto-completion in other editors?

Can anybody tell me what the latest status of the Koneki LDT[1] project is?

In particular, we are interested in the dynamic parsing and auto-completion support. 

Is the library code[2] sufficiently stand-alone so that it can be integrated into other editors, e.g. Scintilla. Is there any documentation on which parts of LDT to extract and how to use them for auto-completion in other editors?