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On 6/6/12, Paul K <> wrote:
> Yes, yet another serializer and pretty printer. I carefully studied
> existing implementations and described my rationale and examples here:
> My requirements for a serializer: (1) pure Lua (need to execute it as
> part of a debugger on various platforms including mobile), (2) does
> both pretty printing and robust serialization, (3) handles shared and
> self-references, (4) serializes keys of various types, including
> tables as keys, and (5) is short and doesn't have too many
> dependencies to be included with another module.
> To summarize, I want the serialized result that is as readable as
> possible and is still a valid fragment that I can load with
> loadstring. The implementation is fairly short and sufficiently fast
> for my needs, but I'm sure it can be improved on both of those counts.
> "Serpent" because it handles self-references and reminds me of a
> serpent eating its own tail (
> Available on github.
> Paul.

Very nice! I think you managed to accomplish everything I had on my
personal wish list for a serializer.

Thanks so much for making this available!
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