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It has some path maintains routines that lfs lacks, such as normpath,
abspath, relpath, dirname/basename(named splitpath), in system
specified mode (e.g. normpath can process \\.\ and \\?\ path on

now lpath lacks document, that why it's on gist but not github, it
also lacks complete POSIX port, after complete it, I will send a ANN
post. this time I only show the idea of this module.

it also support native walkpath that can walk though a folder tree, a
mkdir/rmdir that support recursion travel of a path. i.e. it's
prepared for a cross platform build system.

I'm just trying using it to make a better lake in my own.

Xavier Wang.

2012/6/3 jiang yu <>:
>> I expect it can replace lfs if you do path maintain only.
> What's the strong points ?
> 2012/5/29 Xavier Wang <>:
>> Hi list,
>> after a under line development, I have a path maintain module for Lua.
>> I expect it can replace lfs if you do path maintain only. It only
>> support win32 only now, but I remain POSIX compatible interface (not
>> complete). because I don't have a environment for POSIX develop :-(
>> I hope this module is useful for somebody, esp. for steve (for his
>> lake), this is the main purpose for develop this module. It's usable
>> as a backend of a portable build system. I will port lake to this
>> backend if I have time. and I wish there are reviews of that module.
>> maybe I need place it to github, but not gist now.
>> any feedback and contribute welcome :-)
>> the repo (currently) is here:
>> regards,
>> Xavier Wang.