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This is not about aesthetics.
The sources use a consistent coding style and it is a right thing.

But this style is not friendly with some tools like debugger or code coverage analysor.
For example (from luaB_select):
    if (i < 0) i = n + i;
    else if (i > n) i = n;
could be rewritten :
    if (i < 0)
      i = n + i;
    else if (i > n)
      i = n;
This allows to set breakpoint on condition and on instruction,
and the code coverage analysis doesn't mix condition & instruction.

The attached script lgrep allows to find all occurences
    $ lgrep "if %b()%s+%l" *.c *.h

Now, a personal preference, please remove also the trailing spaces
    $ lgrep "%s$" *.c *.h


Note: You could find a full example of code coverage here

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