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On 26 October 2010 23:26, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
<> wrote:
>> I am looking for a simple way to generate and write a color image to disk.
> The simplest format is the Netpbm family of formats:
> Easy to generate from Lua. Here's a Lua program for generating a gray-scale
> picture of the Mandelbrot set (Mandelbrot died earlier this month).

Fun. Mostly as an academic excercise I ported your code to use my
lua-xpm library[1]. I was surprised to find that it took slightly less
time to produce the output (I guess due to less i/o), but the output
file size is about half (XPM is palette-based).

And on the assumption you don't mind, I've adopted that code for a
demo in the lua-xpm repository: