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On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 12:58 PM, Louis-Philippe <> wrote:
> Not to discourage anyone, but the only road to Lua in the browser without
> plugins, would be to have a Lua VM built with Javascript itself.  The best
> example of this kind of effort so far is CoffeeScript, so successful that
> some parts of Node.js are written with it.  Might be a good starting point
> for the Lua JS VM and some might even find it good enough to use.

I believe that's what Matthew's project is, and it's what I suggested
here originally. I'm not terribly discouraged. :)

I was just pointing out problems I see with using the `luac` format
for loading in script bytecode. I don't think the output from `luac`
is valid UTF-8, which is why I think there would be a problem for
client implementations. I was just trying to come up with ways to
circumvent that: integer array (to avoid character issues), or
entirely new internal format.