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Mind sharing the luajit 1 dll? I tried all these combinations as well, with same results except I didn't try the plain one.

On 2010-10-24 11:20 AM, "Johnson Lin" <> wrote:

Out of curiosity, I tried to build LuaJIT 1.1.6 with msvc9 and put the
generated dll into
Civilization 5, and renamed it to substitute the original dll came
with Civ5. It seems to be
working nicely.

I've also tested it using lua51.dll built with both gcc4.5 and msvc9
from the official source,
and both using default build settings. The msvc9 one worked but not gcc4.5 one.
So I'm guessing that Civ5 uses vanilla Lua 5.1.x, although the binary
produced by gcc4.5
somehow just doesn't load.

And then I gave LuaJIT2-beta5 a shot, all builds failed the Civ5
loading process.

So I'd like to ask some newbie questions:
1. If a program was originally embedded with vanilla Lua 5.1.x, where
LuaJIT 1.1.6 actually
worked substituting the original Lua dll, in theory LuaJIT2 should've
worked as well, right?

2. vanilla Lua is implemented in ANSI C, so what might be preventing
builds from gcc to work,
when builds from msvc worked? I've tried all builds of Lua/LuaJIT
mentioned above with
some luarocks, which have prebuilt binaries linked against lua5.1.dll
(such as luasocket),
all of them worked without problems.

Hope someone on the mailing list can help me a little bit, thanks in
advance. : )