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De : Hakki Dogusan <>
À :
Envoyé le : Ven 22 octobre 2010, 15h 36min 21s
Objet : Re: loop through cairo_path_data_t


20/10/2010 10:57, Hakki Dogusan wrote:
> Hi,
> [snip proposal]

(Dear W Wlourf, I got your message in another machine, but couldn't
reply there... Sorry.)

I released LuaCairo-
- cairo_path_data_t related functions added
- oo interface for cairo_path_t added
- cairo_test5.lua and cairo_test5oo.lua tests added

Tanks Hakki :

That looks nice ... but I can't install the binding. In fact I need a kind of README to do it because I'm not familiar with that!

What I've done is :
 cd /home/ll/luacairo-
 sudo install /home/ll/.lua50/

but when I run an example
 lua cairo_test1.lua
I get this message : lua: cairo_test1.lua:3: could not load package `lcairo' from path ...

Can you help me? (I use Crunchbang 10 and only usually install packages with apt-get )