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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> > Lua fails to parse hexadecimal numbers under IRIX (6.5.30), 
> > evidently caused by a buggy strtod implementation. strtod just 
> > doesn't advance the endpointer exactly if s starts with '0x' 
> > ('0y' or '1x' yield the expected result), so that (endptr == s) 
> > holds and the conversion fails. 
> Does someone know how widespread is this problem?

Well, it's a violation of ANSI C only present in IRIX. And IRIX is
for all practical purposes 'dead'. IRIX 6.5 is from 1998, the last
minor update 6.5.30 is from 2006 and hardware production has been
stopped in 2006, too.