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>> Are there some Javascript parser done in lua?
>> ...and so i think, if it parse then i can covert it to lua, right?

Humor:  This is our industry's version of the Philosopher's stone:
The Universal Converter.

Even it's little brother the "Syntax de-suckifier" is quite useful, I
am using a Ruby project called Compass right now, which uses Haml (
de-suckifies HTML ) and SCSS ( de-suckifies ) CSS. It's basically a
preprocessor, allowing me to use ordinary computer language concepts
on markup languages.   I love it.  I love it more than I love MVC,
which allows me to send this CSS off to some place where they 'pretty
with it'.

Does a similar thing exist in Lua?  The simple fact that I used the
word 'Ruby' in this post has slowed down the internet by a tiny