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On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 9:50 AM, KHMan <> wrote:
>> On 10/14/2010 11:55 AM, David Manura wrote:
>> now requires two special cases: nbits == 0 and nbits == 32.
> This is not for deflate, is it? There is no real reason to be requesting 0
> bits or 32 bit in deflate, because the original pkzip architecture is
> designed for 64KB segments. Huffman codes are limited in length as well,
> etc. The encoding and decoding process has no real reason to be asking for 0
> or 32 bits... ???

A good question.  ModuleCompressDeflateLua never extracts 32-bits at a
time from the bitstream during Deflate.  Rather, in parsing the gzip
header/footer, there are three occasions where it extracts 32-bit
integers from the bitstream:

  local mtime = bs:read(32) -- Modification TIME
  local crc32 = bs:read(32)
  local isize = bs:read(32) -- ignored

Granted, the gzip wrapping could be processed byte-wise instead, but
for consistency and given its triviality, it just reads from the same
bitstream as Deflate.

> Just a little puzzled as to why a compression algorithm needs to call to get
> 0 bits -- which sounds like a no-op. Yet to see any algorithm that does it.
> If it's not for deflate, then getting 32 bits can just skip everything and
> use a faster call.

It reads a variable number (possibly zero) of "extra" bits:

  else -- val > 256 (i.e. extra bits)
    local nextrabits = tdecode_len_nextrabits[val]
    local extrabits = bs:read(nextrabits)
    local len = len_base + extrabits
    local dist_nextrabits = tdecode_dist_nextrabits[dist_val]
    local dist_extrabits = bs:read(dist_nextrabits, true)
    local dist = dist_base + dist_extrabits

Furthermore, it skips over a variable number (possibly zero) of bits
to the next byte alignment (e.g. on uncompressed blocks or the gzip

  if btype == BTYPE_NO_COMPRESSION then

Of course, these are minor cases, more of convenience than necessity,
and it would be easy enough to handle 0 and 32 specially.