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sagasw <> said:
> I find node.js is very interesting, it seems very useful for high
> performance server programming.
> But I check the code of node.js, it all writes with C code, and
> node.js almost write everything from scratch.
> Now I have a question. Lua should be able to use in server too, and
> could use libevent/libev as I know,
> How about the performance that use Lua libevent compare with node.js?
> Is it possible that port node.js to Lua? or just use node.js with Lua?

Reconnoiter [1,2,3] (BSD licensed) takes an interesting approach with an
asynchronous backend that uses Lua and coroutines to perform similar
functionality that nodejs provides. However, the modules are written
more like a synchronous architecture.

I offer this merely as a data point.