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> Peace,

hehe :)

> When Lua parses a chunk (or module), the first time it found a
> "flexword" will define the way that it will be used in ** that **
> chunk (or module), as a ident or as a keyword. Trying to change the
> mode inside the chunk generate an error.

Honestly, this gives me the creeps... so you propose that the meaning of a keyword is dependent on semantic context? Whoa... considering that you intend the OO patch to be used by people who are challenged by the dot/colon distinction, I can hardly see them cope with this. It would be great for writing seriously obfuscated lua code, though :)

My proposal: break existing code. Add your keyword, and when using your patch everybody will know what it means when the word "method" appears in any given context. 

Like before, just my thoughts.