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On Oct 5, 2010, at 9:10 AM, kevin beckford wrote:

> I'm new to Lua and after I read "Programming Lua 2" I'd like to try a
> webapp with it.  What are the options for webdevelopment in Lua?

As with many other things in Lua... compose your own :))

> I'm more in the Flask (python) Merb/Sinatra ( Ruby) mood these days,
> something minimal.
> Any suggestions?

Steve already pointed it out, but there is always The Kepler Project which provides a bit of os, db and web plumbing:

Alternatively, there are many bits and pieces laying around.

Quiet enough of them to tailor made precisely what you need/want :)

For example, Nanoki, a wiki engine of sort, has its very own HTTP implementation:

Mandatory "Hello world" usage example:

HTTP[ '/' ] = function() return 'Hello world' end TCPServer( '', 1080 )( HTTP )

Here is an online demo:

In short, while some people are tirelessly chasing the one and only true way, others are simply getting things done :P