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On Tue, 5 Oct 2010 01:27:37 -0300, Diego Nehab <> wrote:

The problem with persistent connections is that your code has to be
robust to the server sending 100 status or not, and closing the
connection on you or not. I am sure different servers will disrespect
the standard in different ways, which means more debugging. You also
need to create an API that hides this complexity from the user in some

It would have taken me a lot more than 15 minutes to do it, so it
would be great if Mr. Quack could find that piece of code... :)

I think I've been bitten by that too when trying to implement HTTP
Digest Authentication (client-side) in Lua on top of LuaSocket.

I think the server I was using wants the first two requests in the
same connection (the first one being the one that is answered to
with a 401 status).

Anyway, I'd be happy to get that piece of code too!

Pierre Chapuis