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Christopher Eykamp <chris <at>> writes:

> > So, to calm down things, I will try hard to avoid answering messages
> > about OOBit  subject, ok?
> >
> Don't get too discouraged.  Though I am agnostic on your proposal, I 
> find the : and . syntax to be a huge source of errors and confusion, 
> both because . works as : in most other languages, and because the . and 
> the : resemble one another in both function and appearance leading to 
> cognitive confusion.
> I think at the very least the syntax should be changed from a : to 
> another symbol (-> ?) to make the distinction clearer.  Until that 
> happens, I share your desire to find a way to make the . operator work 
> as the : does.
> Chris Eykamp

I have run into the "global self" bug before. It is evil and difficult to find
if you don't realize it exists.

Just look at the first screenshot of my editor, it is hilighting just that bug