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Nilson <> wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 2:12 PM, KHMan <> wrote:
> > On 9/29/2010 9:57 PM, Nilson wrote:
> >>>
> >> I am newbie here. If you read my previous messages, you will see that
> >> I was asking for comments about the patch before I write it.  I
> >> thought that I could use this mailing list with this purpose, am I
> >> wrong?
> >
> > There is some clear negative pushback. Here is one more, of the preachy
> > nonsense kind. One big target you painted on yourself is the big claims on
> > performance increase -- based on instruction counting, uh, estimating.
> >
> Well, before you build anything you should perform some calculations
> and do a viability analysis, isn't? If you count the instructions in
> x86 assembly, you will see that the estimate was quite accurated.
> I bring the subject to the mailing list because there were many
> decisions to take and I really could appreciate suggestions.
> Well, there came no actual suggestions and people are becoming ... emphatic.
> So, to calm down things, I will try hard to avoid answering messages
> about OOBit  subject, ok?

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Lua mailing list. If you want to
do something with Lua that is one iota off the received wisdom, prepare
for a rough ride. There have been many similar instances of this
behaviour during the last years and you're not the first to experience
this. You won't be the last either.

If I were you, I would do my thing and not care too much about the
negativity produced by some people on this list. This list can be a
stimulating source for many things but it can also be incredibly


cheers  thomasl