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Hi there,

this message is to announce version 0.9-1 of lpty. lpty is a module that allows
a program written in lua to control another program using a pty. Unlike pipes
this allows to control even programs asking for passwords (like for example
ssh) and catch output that is not terminated by a line feed.

What's new in this version:

- PTYs can now be created such that the client side does not echo what the server side sends.
- Error handling has been made to comply with the usual lua way, returning nil+error in case of an error. The old behaviour can be reinstated by a switch when creating a pty.
- readok() and sendok() can now take timeout values.
- child process now properly dies when setsid() fails.

lpty has been tested on linux and Mac OSX, but should compile and run on any OS 
with Unix98 pty support.

You can get lpty from or from the luarocks repository.