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Hi list,

I first announced my intention to create a Lua binding to the Apache Portable Runtime library [1] back in 2007 [2]. I guess the announcement back then was a bit premature but it's finally here!

 - Homepage:
 - Documentation:
 - Git repository:

For those who have never heard of APR: it's a library that powers software such as the Apache web server and SVN revision control system. The Lua/APR binding aims to bring most of the functionality in APR to Lua. The following functionality has been implemented so far:

 - Base64 encoding
 - Cryptography routines
 - Environment manipulation
 - File path manipulation
 - Filename matching
 - Directory manipulation
 - File I/O handling (not quite done yet)
 - String routines
 - Time routines
 - Uniform resource identifier parsing
 - User/group identification
 - Universally unique identifiers

I hope you like it but can't make any promises about stability -- the library works great for me but hasn't seen a lot of use. If you have questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. I'd love to hear from you!

 - Peter Odding