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By 'fast' in "It's all quite self-explained. We've got all the common OOP tricks in pretty clean and fast manner," do you mean that execution speed is faster by some measure (subjective or otherwise) or that development seems faster? The context suggests the latter.

The reason I ask is that I've got only a short time to get my feet wet with Lua working on scripts external to my application before I have to start getting my hands dirty with the object oriented constructs. I can make the Java folks among the volunteers happy if private methods are no more expensive to implement than the default.


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On Sep 24, 2010 11:10 AM, "Rebel Neurofog" <> wrote:

Hi, everyone!

I've been using pretty uncommon method of OOP in Lua.
Here's the description:
It seems natural and effective for Lua by design but I've never seen
this way of OOP on Internet.
So I wonder, is it wrong and undesirable or simply uncommon but pretty fine.
Please let me know if this technic is already described somewhere else.