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> De la part de Jonathan Castello
> Envoyé : mardi 21 septembre 2010 08:56
> À : Lua mailing list
> Objet : Re: Some enhancements in table initializations
> Nevermind, I misunderstood what you meant by "statements". You mean it
> could be interpreted as "a = b; [c]:d()"? That's a good point, I guess
> there's no getting around that one.

I can't help thinking that all these "this particular case could be interpreted as" we see each time some enhancement proposal comes up could be easily solved by having a mandatory  semicolon statement separator. This is not to say that all proposed enhancements should be thrown into the language, but it is a bit disappointing that some interesting propositions are abandoned out of hand because of this. So, I wonder whether this "historical quirk" of the language is worth keeping around, and for what reason? I understand that migrating the existing code might be painful, but I think that inconvenience could be much alleviated by some automated script. Coming from a C/C++ background, I wouldn't balk at the idea of using ; everywhere (which I don't do currently), but maybe others have a different opinion on the subject?