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Patrick Rapin wrote:
> First, I am the author of the small mentioned utility called
> "DataDumper", written during the development of LuaDura.

Pleased to meet you :-)  Apart from being so useful during
debugging, the test-script uses it as a deepequals() function:
   if DataDumper(t1) == DataDumper(t2) ...
(There may also be other ways to that...)

> And second, because I also have written a script called "midi.lua"!
> But mine does not perform exactly the same thing. It opens up a MIDI
> file, reads it into a Lua structure in memory, and... plays it on a
> Olivetti printers orchestra !  LuaDura, mentioned previously, is a
> Lua based platform to control Olivetti printers firmware and hardware
> through USB.  Our printers have at least two DC motors that can produce
> sound when driven with a PWM in a audible frequency range. With three
> Olivetti printers connected, for example, the Lua script can play up
> to 6 notes simultaneously. This is can very impressive, when the MIDI
> file is well suited to this type of orchestra ;)

Wonderful!  I heard that on a radio program once :-)  Amazing.
Is it on youtube  ?

Regards,  Peter Billam      (03) 6278 9410
"Was der Meister nicht kann,   vermöcht es der Knabe, hätt er
 ihm immer gehorcht?"   Siegfried to Mime, from Act 1 Scene 2