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El 19/09/10 11:07, noel frankinet escribió:
 Le 18/09/2010 18:58, Daniel Quintela a écrit :
Hi community,

The time I spend to keep my company running doesn't allow me to continue the maintenance and improvement of "LuaTask" and "Win32 API wrappers".

I decided to "give them up for adoption" to somebody interested in their future development.

Any candidate can send me a e-mail through the list or to my private address in order to agree the transfer of the control of one or both projects.

Best regards,


I'm ready to adopt the "win32 API wrappers" if you needed.
What shold I do ?

Best regards

Noël Frankinet

Hi Noël,

If you agree with this, I will add you (gistek) to the project at as an admin user.

After that, you will take control of the project and you can remove me from it.

You can contact me privately for any further information or help.

Best regards,