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On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 09:16:59AM +1000, James Rhodes top-posted:
> I don't want Python, I want to modify Lua.  The standard try-catch
> patch is not flexible enough for my uses, as native functions in my
> engine will return different types of exceptions (and it's important
> to differentiate the type since not all thrown values will have a
> Message attribute that can be read).

Then write a function that dispatches them depending on type.  Perhaps
something like...

catch e do
  dispatch(e) {
    extype1 = function(e) ... end,
    extype2 = function(e) ... end,
    extype3 = function(e) ... end

This has the bonus of not needing to fidget with the patch.  In fact,
adjust this "dispatch" function a little more, and you could end up with
this syntax, and not need the patch at all:

try(func, ..., {
	extype1 = function(e) ... end,