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Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce LuaRocks 2.0.3:
(This is the basic package for Win32 like the one from previous
releases, but the best bet is to wait for LfW integration.)

What's new:

* Check for permissions and warn user instead of just installing in local tree
* --local flag for operations on the local tree
* -fPIC is always set in CFLAGS exported to makefiles (let's hope they
honor it!)
* respect permissions when copying files in Unix systems
* display license after build/installation
* svn:// protocol for scm rockspecs
* 'luarocks list' and 'luarocks search' are now case-insensitive
* 'luarocks-admin add' supports adding multiple files at once
* 'luarocks-admin add' supports rsync for download and upload and scp for upload
* new command: 'luarocks show' displays information about an installed rock
* new command: 'luarocks path' to make it easy to export Lua env variables
* Win32 fixes for 'luarocks build'

Special thanks to everyone from the LuaRocks-Developers mailing list
for their contributions and feedback!


-- Hisham