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On 14/09/2010 9.11, steve donovan wrote:
On the subject of IDEs, the point is that they can be programmer
amplifiers. Java is very verbose, but tools like Eclipse make it
almost pleasant.

Hmm... it just feels like pulling a lead-filled cart to me. I don't intend to disparage Eclipse, it looks like good work; I guess it's down to personal preferences and styles. For my way of working, where I put a very intense concentration in a short amount of time, responsiveness is really important. I acknowledge that other people may have different needs. (I'm also not saying Java development would be better without Eclipse; I never tried)

> And although using 'print' may feel like the manly
way to debug programs (as Linus thinks) but a little bit of integrated
debugging goes a long way, even for experts.

I've used a lot of IDEs and I can occasionally appreciate a good debugger, but I've never felt the need of either for Lua. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but with dynamic languages I feel more comfortable and productive with just a good text editor.