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 On 13/09/2010 06:55, Francesco Abbate wrote:
Hi Norbert,

I've got exactly the same problem. For me it was a nightmare because I
was debugging a very complex lua program. The only solution I've found
was, like you, to put "print" instructions in critical points and some
"'*l')" at some checkpoints but it was painful.

I was very disappointed by response of the Lua developers. They mostly
ignored my request of help. Some people in the mailing list give me
some answer like:
- there is wonderful debugger for window =>  but it is only for windows
and it is shareware (SIC!)
- there is Eclipse plugin but it seems to be broken.

I'm really surprised about how the Lua developers ignore this problem
together with some other problems like a complete/standard set of
library, an official supported binary distribution and  a few other
things. IMHO these are some lacks that makes Lua not competitive with
Python concerning its usage as a stand-alone programming language.

The approach of the Lua developers is: we provide just the primitives
and the community will provide everything else. The problem is that
they don't seems to remark that this approach doesn't work! :-)
For me that's precisely why it works, except that the language has departed a little from it's root with the packaging system.

2010/9/13 Norbert Kiesel<>:

today I again went for my yearly hunt for a decent Lua debugger running
under Linux.  Despite trying various tools, so far I always went back to
sprinkling my code with print statements because nothing else really
worked for me.  What I'm looking for (in decreasing order of importance
for me):
  - local command-line debugging (e.g. "lgdb foo.lua")
  - debugging embedded Lua code running within my C++ program
  - integrated C++ and Lua debugging
  - GUI

What are you using?