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On 9/12/2010 7:22 PM, Norbert Kiesel wrote:

today I again went for my yearly hunt for a decent Lua debugger running
under Linux.  Despite trying various tools, so far I always went back to
sprinkling my code with print statements because nothing else really
worked for me.  What I'm looking for (in decreasing order of importance
for me):
  - local command-line debugging (e.g. "lgdb foo.lua")
  - debugging embedded Lua code running within my C++ program
  - integrated C++ and Lua debugging
  - GUI

What are you using?

I use the Lua Eclipse integration, and at Crank we've gone and integrated
it directly into our Storyboard UI designer product.  Storyboard uses Lua
as one of the available scripting plugins:
if you are interested in more details.

There are/were some initial glitches with the Lua Eclipse plugins that
prevented them from working uniformly in both Windows and Unix development
environments, but I've pushed fixes for those up to the Lua Eclipse github.

If you want to pull my copy down:

I don't know if Jason's pulled the changes into the main repository yet.

The nice thing about using Eclipse is that if you use the C/C++ tooling,
you get a pretty nice combined environment for C/C++ and Lua debugging.
It isn't completely seamless ... but it is pretty nice to just step through
from one language to the other without having to change tools.

Thomas Fletcher
Crank Software Inc.  ---
Storyboard Suite: A better way to build user interfaces for embedded devices