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2010/9/6 David Manura <>
On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 4:08 PM, François Perrad
> This syntax could be replaced by ${dependencies*_depend()}
> or ${dependencies[]_depend()}.

Or maybe ${dependencies/_depend}.  That agrees with the Lpeg syntax
for "apply the given function to all elements in the given capture
list" [1].  Another symbol like '//' or '|' would be more unambiguous.
 Alternately, extend the attribute syntax you currently use:
${dependencies; map=_depend; format=f}.  It does seem to me that such
a map and format do very similar things and should be made to look
more similar: the former applies a function to all members of an
object while the latter applies a function to the object itself.  A
pipe-like form might be preferred since unlike the attribute syntax it
suggests that ordering and repetition are preserved:

 ${dependencies | map _depend | join ',' | apply f}

Maybe also consider allowing the parens to be omitted in
`${_source()}` since in `${_source}` calling rather than
stringification would usually be more sensible for type == 'function'.
 The problem is that it complicates handling function-like objects
(having __call).

There should be a way to escape special characters like '$'.


lua-CodeGen 0.2.0 was released with the syntax ${dependencies/_depend()}
and some minor improvements.