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On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 4:36 PM, Stuart P. Bentley <> wrote:
> Heh, never mind, was just out of date.

Thanks for fixing it! =)

> Now I've got this problem:
> C:\Users\Stuart>luarocks --from=
> install ao
> Warning: Failed searching manifest: Failed loading manifest: Failed fetching
> manifest for
> Installing
> Error: Could not find expected file ao/ao.h for LIBAO -- you may have to
> install LIBAO in your system and/or set the LIBAO_DIR variable
> What's the path of least resistance for setting this up on Windows?

No idea how to install Libao on Windows, but once you get it installed
somewhere, you should be able to run:

luarocks install ao LIBAO_DIR=c:/somewhere/

-- Hisham