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On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 12:47 PM, Stefan Behnel <> wrote:
> Interesting. I think an effort to provide something like an "extended
> standard library" that people just grab instead of writing their own is a
> good idea. Now, all that's missing is to get those batteries *included*. ;)

You might as well ask what GUI toolkit Linus is including in Linux. ;)

Still, something like luarocks makes it easy to get batteries, and
there are 'all-in-one' distributions like Lua for Windows.

But the level of duplication is very intense.  In any large-ish Lua
library/program, you will find a utility function to split a string
into a list. I mentioned this to Yuri (of Sputnik fame) and he replied
that Sputnik actually has two distinct implementations of this
pattern.  There are two distinctly different XML bindings in Lua for
Windows, and so on.

Which is vaguely related to the topic at hand, since having a
'blessed' set of libraries has clearly been a bonus for Python. But
Lua is the C of dynamic languages, lean, fast - and real men write
their own libraries.

steve d.