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Alejandro Mery wrote:
> it may sound stupid but what if (dreaming awake) LuaJIT could become
> sort of language agnostic allowing the usage from other languages
> adapted to it's constraints?

Sorry, but I do not believe in multi-language VMs. LuaJIT is
tailored very much towards Lua's semantics. And this is precisely
one of the reasons why it's so fast.

> something like parrot or llvm BUT for
> those sharing the goals of Lua (embeddability, extendability,
> simplicity, light footprint, C, ...)

There's an LLVM backend for Lua. And Parrot has a Lua mode. You
can search the archives for some benchmark comparisons vs. LuaJIT
(but some of them are against LuaJIT 1.x). Right now I don't have
the time to redo this with the current versions and include it
into my own performance comparison (*). Also, I don't want to
upset their authors.