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If nothing else, it would move most of the "just joined to ask a question" members to the tutor list so that members of the main list didn't have the unsubscribe requests to grouse about. :)

Seriously though, I'm giving up productivity early in the life cycle of a project in order to be polite to the list. I'm quite fortunate that this is a hobby for me. If this was how I put food on the table, I might have to choose between being rude and using a different tool.


My waffle iron beat up your smart phone.

On Sep 1, 2010 9:37 AM, "Patrick" <> wrote:

'''I agree. I'd like to see this, a less intrusive place than the main
mailing list to have fairly long, subjective discussions about
best-practice in module API design and other things that are probably
only of much interest to module developers.'''

This reminds me of something. Last year I posted about starting a Lua tutor list. The response was that this list is already suitable for newbies, everyone is welcome.

A year later, I have to say that this is not really the case. I got half flamed last week when one of my posts was not interesting/or high quality enough for another member. Although we have many members from other places I find it suspicious how dead the list goes after 5 P.M EDT. I suspect that almost everyone here are day-coders in a few times zones and not amateurs the world over studying after the kids go to bed.

I think Lua is a great bridge between different groups of people. The easy parts are really easy but the hard parts are really hard(and powerful) on this list we seem to only have the very bright, high end coders and this will likely increase now that we have an exodus of losers who don't know how to use the unsubscribe link.

I don't always feel comfortable posting . As a general rule for this list would it seem appropriate to post if the question cannot be answered by PIL?

Any question can likely be answered without the list but at some threshold why have a list if you can't post without days of searching.