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Mike Pall wrote:
>> Yes, I know you meant it as a joke. :-)

Shame on me. Actually it was not joke it was me being plain stupid.

After a cup of coffee I carefully looked at SSA form of the loop in question

1: a1 = 1
2: a2 = phi(a1, a4)
3: if a2 == 1 then goto 5
4: a3 = 2
5: a4 = phi(a2, a3)
6: goto 2

and now I can't even remember why I decided to shout "loop peeling".

Indeed we need some pretty strong both control-flow and data-flow
sensitive analysis here. That definetely smells like abstract
interpretation to me.

But I should probably read Click's thesis before shouting additional
wrong things.

>> BTW: You've attached a full quote of my message

Shame on me again. My mail client is called gmail. I switched to plain
text. Hope that helps.