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Hi, list!

For my in-house documentation generator tool I need to be able to
pretty-print XML and JSON data (both of which I receive as a string
with a single line, no line breaks or extra spaces).

It is important that each parameter in the resulting string will be on
a separate line. This is a surprisingly rare feature for command-line
XML pretty-printers I've tried (note that, anyway, I need a Lua
module, not a command-line tool).


    <foo bar="bar1" baz="baz1" />
    { foo: { bar: "bar1", baz: "baz1" } }



    { foo: {
       bar: "bar1"
       baz: "baz1"
    } }

Another requirement is that the both modules should be installable
with LuaRocks — but I may write rockspecks myself.

Do you know a module that will do what I want?