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On May 20, 2010, at 5:38 PM, Peter Cawley wrote:

> To help understand all of the changes between Lua 5.1(.4) and Lua
> 5.2-work3, I took I diff of the source folders of the two, then
> distilled the resulting 16000 line diff line into an easier to read
> blog post. You may be interested in reading the result (and feedback
> is also welcomed):

Very nice. Thank you very much.

Wasn't there also a mention of the frontier pattern [1] being, hmmm, officially official?

Ah, yes, in readme.html, under Changes since Lua 5.1, Libraries:

• frontier patterns

It's also documented now in manual.html, under 6.4.1 - Patterns:

• %f[set], a frontier pattern; such item matches an empty string at any position such that the next character belongs to set and the previous character does not belong toset. The set set is interpreted as previously described. The beggining and the end of the subject are handled as if they were the character '\0'.