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On 29 January 2010 14:04, Jerome Vuarand <> wrote:
> 2010/1/29 Brian Maher <>:
>> FYI, if you want a streaming interface to zlib, you can try this out:
>> It is a small bit of code that I wrote for fun.  Note that it
>> currently hard-codes deflateInit() and inflateInit(), but after more
>> experience of using zlib, I now know that if you want gzip headers to
>> be properly read, you need to use inflateInit2() and pass in MAX_WBITS
>> + 32 magic number for the window size :-(.  I'll see about fixing
>> this.
>> I should also add options so that deflateInit2() parameters may be
>> specified (give the library more flexibility).
> For what it's worth I also have a zlib binding available there:

Gah my head! :)

Prosody is currently using - it's
working great. However other projects are using others, and LuaRocks
perhaps contains one of them (I don't know which). They all have the
same name (especially if you discount punctuation), they all have
differing APIs...

...and we need to package one of them for Debian. I haven't decided on
a solution yet, but ultimately it's hurting everyone to have multiple
incompatible libraries like this.