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>>>> require "bit"

>>>> What are the pros and cons of doing this?

>>> What if a person explicitly wanted LuaBitOps, which also has a module
>>> name 'bit'?

>> Exactly.

>> It looks like we would be using Mike's library for a while, so we do
>> not have to overhaul whole existing codebase due to the changed
>> semantics.

> The exact same problem applies for the io library, what if someone
> wants to replace it with a custom one (for example that yields on
> blocking calls) ?


If someone wants to replace existing library, he should pick another
name for the replacement. Especially if that someone is not people who
develop the language.

Lua 5.2 replaces existing (and widely accepted) bit libraries with (as
I understand) incompatible interface.

Lua Team, of course, has the full authority to make this decision even
if someone does not agree with it.

All that I want to say is that the name clash may be unpleasant.