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On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 8:36 AM, Jacques Chester <> wrote:
> Smalltalk has something similar -- the IDE is, in a sense, the
> program.
> The downside is that these self-contained universes make clean
> deployment and versioning that much harder.

Particularly true of Smalltalk (which was a mind-blowing experience,
pity about the language) but the idea is to preserve a conventional
model of code (it still consists of modules, etc) but uses dynamic
recompilation of the bits that change to keep the running state
up-to-date.  I've done some experiments and this could work very well
(the trick is to recompile functions so that they're aware of the
available locals)

But, it will take a while before an [ANN] appears ;)

steve d.

PS. SciTE is an ideal environment for this kind of thing because (a)
works on Windows, Unix and (b) possible to script extensions in Lua.
For instance, one has access to the folding information so it's
possible to grab a function from the buffer without having to reparse.