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On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 3:53 AM, Doug Rogers
<> wrote:
>>> 1) the lack of a debugger to step through the code is really painful.
>> I've never found a debugger as good as gdb for ruby, python, or lua.  :-(
> If you have access to a Windows, try LfW. While I doubt that you've
> ported gsl-shell to Windows :), you might find ways in which the Scite
> debugger can help you with some of your your Lua code. I've used it that
> way a few times.

Nice plots, Francesco !

Actually, the SciTE Debugger integration works on the other side of
the fence as well:

A little old now, but please give it a try and complain if it doesn't
work as expected.

The next stage (for both platforms) is to make sure that coroutine
debugging works properly.

(This project is herewith put on the front of the stove ;))

Search luaforge for 'debugger' and you will find a number of promising
candidates.  I want to do a new section in the FAQ on available
debuggers/IDEs so any suggestions are welcome.

steve d.

PS. I have luagdb hanging out somewhere, which makes clidebugger
available on Emacs and can actually skip between C and Lua code.  I'll
dig it out.