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Hello lua-l,

I've been maintainer of Pluto for a while now, and I feel like I should
move from the role of maintainer to active developer.

For those of you who don't know, Pluto is a heavy-duty persistence
library for Lua, originally written by Ben Sunshine-Hill.  Here's the
wiki page for Pluto, as well as my Github page for it:

So, what features would you like to see in Pluto?  Here's a list that
I've dreamt up for starters:

- Portable output; the ability to save a collection of Lua values on a
  32-bit PowerPC and load them on a x86_64 machine would be nice.
  (Note, I will likely need some help thinking of ways to store certain
  things portably.)
- The ability to build Pluto without Lua sources.  Pluto mucks around
  with Lua's internals too much.  This may be a bit of a pipe dream for
  Lua 5.1, since in order to persist things like closures and
  coroutines, we need to look at Lua's internals.
- If portable output is to be generated, some customizable hook should
  be available for custom serialization of lua_Number.
  pluto_persist_lnum or something, along the lines of luai_numadd and
- A version for Lua 5.2, once that's officially released.
- Fixing up current issues, which I'm putting on Github now.

Let me know what you think!

Rob Hoelz

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