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Good point. I will put up a placeholder page with a few links. There is actually a planned purpose for - a Lua link directory and free subdomain webhosting for Lua projects.

On a related note, if anyone wants/needs a <whatever> subdomain, just email me. I can point it directly to an IP address or set a domain alias (301 redirect) to another URL.

Alexander Gladysh wrote:
On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 02:06, Stefan <> wrote:
Just a heads up, the Lua Forums previously located at Icy North can now be
accessed at General maintanence and thread/spam cleanup is
currently underway. This software should suffice for the indefinite amount
of time it will take to get a Lua only solution up and running.

Thank you for your work, Stefan!

One minor note: currently displays a "parked domain" message. I
believe it would be better to put ther a redirect to the forums
instead (or at least a more lua-specific stub page).