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eLua is an effort to expand the presence of the Lua programming
language in the embedded world, especially on MCU platforms. It is
meant to be a complete MCU development environment. It currently runs
on a number of ARM variants, as well as Cortex, AVR32 (and i386 as a
proof of concept). Version 0.7 was just released, this is the

  * Compiling eLua under Windows is now officially supported
  * Added LuaRPC (remote procedure calls in the embedded world)
  * Added generic and portable SD/MMC Card FAT File System support
  * New shell cat/type command, lists text file contents
  * New ROMFS build modes: compress and compile
  * Added support for Olimex STR-E912 board
  * Added the STR9 platform specific pio module
  * Added Robert Jakabosky's EGC (Emergency Garbage Collector) patch to eLua
  * Added support for the PUC-Rio eLua board, NXP LPC2468 MCU
  * Added basic CAN module
  * New full CSS based site/doc menu
  * More portuguese content translations
  * ADC module doc enhancements
  * More tutorials and general doc enhancements

Visit for more information