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On Jan 19, 2010, at 10:25 AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> [...] The rules are essentially:
> * Lookup is done in the environment for the current call frame
> * The environment in a new call frame is initialized to be equal to the environment in the preceding (calling) call frame
> * in-do-end temporarily changes the environment in the current call frame


> [...]
> One could build such a stack via appropriately constructed environments:
> 	in _G:pushenv( env ) do ... end
> Or just:
> 	in pushenv( env ) do ... end

Yes, pushenv would be essential; getenv less so. 

I agree that the dynamic environment should be tied to the stack frame. Entering and leaving threads would benefit from an automatic dynamic context switch. Leaving a function activation that established special dynamic bindings automatically restores the bindings.