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On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 2:23 PM, LeafStorm <> wrote:
> one of the examples. Of course, the problem for coders like me who are
> using Lua standalone and not embedding is getting Debian, Ubuntu,
> Fedora, etc. to package a tokenf Lua - not because I'm not comfortable
> compiling from source, but because my users might not be.

For exactly this reason Enrico Tassi (who is the Debian packager for
Lua) requested that the Lua authors reconsider their decision to leave
out the token patch in 5.2:

However, part of that decision is the feeling that the tokenf patch is
not quite ready for prime time (lhf calls it a proof of concept
implementation) and it isn't altogether clear how to move it forward.
At the very least, no longer use a particular Lua global FILTER as the
filter function, and re-examine how this function name is reused in
two very different ways.

> One question, though - what about load, loadfile, and loadstring? Will
> macros defined in the caller automatically be applied in the sources
> they load?

They do!  I can imagine a situation where this is exactly the
behaviour you would want. I've been playing with options to switch off
macro-izing for particular files, just for strings, etc. Not quite
there yet...

steve d.